since 1970

My name is Thomas Lehn, I'm 63 Years old, I am married and live in Ingelheim in Germany. I work as IT-engeneer for 40 years.

1970, I was one of the first children at hemodialysis in Germany and now I think, there is still no other younger person in the world with longer time at hemodialysis.

I was never kidney tranplanted.


home-hemodialysis since 1983.

In the year of 1983 we began with home-hemodialysis
Training.  Shortly, after 3 weeks we have had the
first dialysis session at home
my healthness and my psychicaland physical condition
was perfect for the dialysis at home. My vascular access
was easily to puncture. No complications during the
dialysissession were expected and I had and still have
my partner Beate.
  • Homedialysis is the best Treatment for the self-
        responsible Patient.
  •  the dialysisregime for my individual requirements.
  •  flexible dialysis days
  •  less complications (better vascular access life time)
  •  higher expectation of life (minus physiological
        and psychological)
  •  better health, better quality of life
  •  better mental performance and stay in job
  •  longtime dialysis (dialysistime = lifetime)
  •  the change to getting influenca or 
        Corona Virus is less
  •  more benefits.

I was one of the first children in Germany at hemodialysis and now, I think, there is still no younger person in the world with longer time at dialysis!

One upon a time my nurse said: " Oh my god, from Tommy will be Thomas!"

Over the years, the dialysis machines became better and saver. The capillary kidney and the plate-kidneys came on the market, who cleaned the blood better and faster. Better technology (Fresenius FMC) shorter dialysistime.


I made my education with teachers and as a guest-student in school. Last but not least ultimatetly with success, with the high school leaving examination. My youth was not much different, to my healthy young friends. 

1974 I meet my Beate. We were in love. You can see it here. We spend nice times together.





Anniversary 50 years of hemodialysis

According due to the COVID19 Pandemic I celebrate this anniversary next year in the June 2021 with my family, friends, medical stuff and many peple, there are with me.

2015 - 2020

Vascular Access problems

Unfortunately I always have problems with my fistula (Coretex prothesis). 



high honorable award

I have received this award for my commitment and help for Dialysisatients in the past 25 years.


2004 - 2014

Holidays all over the world

with hemodiallysis over the World.


Taking holidays are a passion from my wife and me. We were in USA, Egypt, in the Dom Rep, in Mexico, in Greece, in Jamaica, South Africa, Canarian Island, and so on.           





2009 - Silver wedding

1985 - Building my house

1985 - Marriage

1983 - Home-Hemodialysis

1980 - Job: IT system engeneer

1978 - finish school with diplome

1974 - Car accident in Switzerland

1974 - Driver licence

1971 - first A/V vascular access (Shunt)

1970 - first Hemodialyisi with Scribner Shunt

1960 - kidney removal (right)

1956 - born 


1956 - 2009


Here on the left picture you can see me, before my first hemodialysis session in 1970. I was fourteen years old and I was very ill.

The uremia was so far advanced, that my life was hanging on a thin thread. The doctors  did not make a lot of hope for any improvement to my parents in that  condition. At that timepoint, there were no  experience, how long can children be alive with hemodialysis? Maybe 2 years survival time expected with dialysis. Nobody knew it!


Here more picturese from my first dialysistime in Heidelberg (Germany) in 1970


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or look at my German Website below.


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